Hanovia UV systems


Wavelength are the exclusive NZ distributor for world renowned UV system manufacturer Hanovia Limited and provide parts and service for these units which are installed across the country. The Hanovia Photon and PureLine series systems disinfect industrial process water, sugar, wastewater and potable water with New Zealand installations 30 years old still in successful operation.

Photon systems use medium pressure lamps which are compact and usually only require a single lamp per system to treat high water volumes. Most units are supplied with automatic quartz sleeve wiping systems which means that regular disassembly for cleaning is a thing of the past. An annual wiper system service and lamp change is the usual service input for these systems. The single lamp design means that system installation and maintenance costs are relatively low.

The smaller PureLine series use amalgam lamps again one per system and these are designed for smaller industrial applications like pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacture at lower flows than would require a medium pressure lamp with flow capabilities ranging from 1 to 100m³/hr. Manual or automatic cleaning options are available.

Chloramine destruction in Public swimming pools

The other major application of UV systems in New Zealand is the widespread use of Hanovia UV systems to destroy chloramines in indoor public pools. Chloramines form when chlorine contacts urine in the pool water and they are responsible for most of the “chlorine” smell and irritation associated with indoor pools. Use of medium pressure UV destroys these compounds making the pool environment pleasanter and safer and in most busy pools the installation of UV in the recirculating water flow reduces pool operating costs as dozens of council pools in New Zealand have discovered.

For more information visit www.hanovia.com

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