Pulsafeeder chemical dose pumps



The Pulsafeeder range of chemical dose pumps is well known in New Zealand and is supported by Wavelength with a good stock of new pumps and spare parts including injection fittings, hoses and KOPkits (Keep On Pumping) which contain parts to rebuild the wet end of the pump. We also offer a return to base repair service.

Typical applications include pool chemicals, wastewater pH control with acid and caustic soda and cooling tower corrosion inhibitor and biocide addition.

Features of the pumps include both stroke length and frequency controls which allow for fantastic turndown while still maintaining reliable operation. New pumps include all the parts needed to start pumping right away, suction strainer, injection fitting and suitable hoses.

Standard electronic diaphragm pumps are available to handle both high flow (100L/hr) and high –pressure (10 Bar). The range also includes Dolphin and Mec-o-matic peristaltic pumps amd Omni mechanical diaphragm pumps for volumes up to 860 L/hr. Chem­ tech piston pumps are available to handle pressures up to 55 Bar.

The Pulsafeeder range is reasonably priced, particularly with respect to spare parts and has proven reliable over many years of use in New Zealand.

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