Wavelength are delighted to offer Dosatronic water quality monitoring and control equipment in New Zealand. This German made equipment is of class leading quality and has applications in municipal pool, potable and industrial water treatment applications at surprisingly competitive prices.

A range of one, two and five channel instruments are available to monitor free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, conductivity, temperature, ozone, ORP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic acid, Oxygen and more.

dosa-imgs.jpgTypical applications include control of municipal pool chemistry freeing up operator time and reducing chemical handling labour, monitoring of pure water quality in pharmaceutical manufacture and control of industrial wastewater pH.

Versions of the controllers are available in wall mount, panel mount and DIN rail versions to suit almost any environment.

In multiple unit applications, like swimming pool complexes the pool chemistry controllers are standalone units so a fault in one does not affect others. The dosing control systems are compatible with almost any type of dose pump and offer multiple control method options – pulse, 4‐20 mA proportional or simple on/off operation – meaning the user is not tied to one proprietary brand of pump.  

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Multi‐Controller Pool Installation

DCW250 Controller Detail