Berson – Pioneers and innovators in UV disinfection for potable water, recycled water and wastewater.


Berson.png Wavelength Water Services represent Berson UV systems who concentrate on municipal UV applications. New Zealand installations include both potable and wastewater UV disinfection on any scale.

Providing high quality drinking water in the right place at the right time, whether from natural springs, boreholes or surface water sources, has never been more important and it is increasingly clear that no drinking water source is guaranteed to be safe without proper treatment.

UV is a long-established technology for disinfecting drinking water – it was first used in 1910. Today, it is very advanced and meets the strict requirements and regulations of international and local bodies for validated and efficient UV systems.

Modern UV technology is an ideal addition to process engineers’ multi-barrier tool box. It removes the health threat from water-borne pathogens without creating the toxic disinfection by-products produced when chlorine is used for drinking water disinfection.

Certifications & Validations

Berson deliver outstanding customer satisfaction by supplying products that are designed “fit for purpose”, providing the highest form of security, complying with regulations and supplying safe water and wastewater for people and the environment.

This disinfection security is provided by a comprehensive range of products that have been validated according to world leading regulations such as DVGW, USEPA, NWRI, O-Norm, and JWRC and independently tested by third party institutes.

This “Proven Performance”, based on real-time test data, allows Berson to provide very cost effective, guaranteed performance.

Berson wastewater treatment UV system, Hawkes Bay

Berson potable water IL1000+ UV systems, Waikato